Notice: The City of Bowling Green and Warren County have sustained severe damages on December 11th due to severe weather and tornadoes. For the latest information, please visit:


To examine or purchase copies of individual ordinances of the City of Bowling Green compiled in the Code of Ordinances, contact the Office of City Clerk or visit the City website.   To examine or purchase copies of the Zoning Ordinances or Subdivision Regulations, contact the City-County Planning Commission or visit their website.

Ordinances provide for the adoption or retraction of local laws and budgetary appropriations.  They require two readings by the Board of Commissioners before being enacted.  Ordinances may be enforced by the courts and may subject a violator to civil and/or criminal fines and imprisonment.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Contact the Office of City Clerk or visit the City website to obtain copies of individual ordinances or to search the Code of Ordinances.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

Maintain the records of the City and provide access to the public.

If I am interested, who do I contact...

Office of City Clerk, City Hall, 1001 College St., (270) 393-3632 or (270) 393-3688

City-County Planning Commission, 1141 State St., (270) 842-1953

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