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Neighborhood Watch

The objective of Neighborhood Watch is to organize entire communities where residents are trained to be alert to potential crimes in their neighborhood. When alerted, a citizen reports any suspicious persons and activities to the police before the crime is committed.  Neighborhood Watch is known to instill a greater sense of security and well-being and to reduce the fear of crime to residents, as well as creates a great "sense of community" and puts the neighbor back in the neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch also brings the Bowling Green Police Department and the neighborhood together as a team to reduce criminal activity.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Contact the Neighborhood Services Division to discuss the program, the expected results and problem areas.  Visit your neighbors and explain that you would like you and them to participate in the program. Inform them of the benefits participating in Neighborhood Watch and that you would appreciate their attendance at the start-up meeting.  Once a date, time and location have been established for the start-up meeting, distribute the meeting invitations.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

The Neighborhood Services Division can explain the program, provide meeting invitations or flyers, help facilitate the start-up meeting, coordinate attendance at meetings by Bowling Green police officers, and make arrangements to have Neighborhood Watch signage installed in the area.  The Bowling Green Police Department maintains a database of participating residents for the Neighborhood Watch Crime Alert System, which is used to notify neighborhoods of crime trends, missing children, etc.

The Bowling Green Police Department attends neighborhood meetings, works with neighborhood groups on crime and other quality of life type issues, and provides crime prevention information and crime statistics to neighborhood organizations.

If I am interested, who do I contact...

Neighborhood Services Division, NCS Building, 707 E. Main Avenue, 393-3674

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