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Block Parties

Block Parties are meant to bring neighbors together to socialize and build community.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Contact Citizen Information & Assistance to request a special event permit (block party) application. Please allow ample time to complete the application and get signatures from homeowners whose property is affected by the proposed closure, if this is a first time event. Block party applications should be submitted to staff at least 45 days prior to the event. That amount of time is necessary to route application to various departments. If the proposed event is intended to occur sooner, the application must be hand carried by the applicant from department to department for review and approval.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

Staff members from various departments review and approve the application. Once review is complete and the application is approved, a special event permit is written. Please allow two weeks for processing.

If I am interested, who do I contact...

Citizen Information & Assistance, Neighborhood & Community Services, 707 E. Main Avenue, (270) 393-3444

Online Request Form:

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