Legal Publications

In accordance with KRS Chapter 424 and KRS 83A.060, the following action of the Board of Commissioners of the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky held at a meeting of the Board of Commissioners in the Commission Chamber of City Hall in said City is hereby made a matter of public record by publication in summary. Said Ordinance has been given second reading approval, signed by Mayor Bruce Wilkerson, attested by City Clerk Katie Schaller-Ward.

The Office of City Clerk of the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky hereby certifies that the foregoing Ordinances were approved by the City’s Board of Commissioners for first and second reading, and are further approved for publication following adoption according to the law.

Ordinance or Municipal Order No. Approved Date Description
Ordinance No. BG2018-33 8/7/2018 Ordinance approving the closing of a portion of right-of-way located between 1169 and 1175 Clay Street
Ordinance No. BG2018-32 8/7/2018 Ordinance rezoning a tract of land containing 48.69 acres from RS-1D (Single Family Residential) to PUD (Planned Unit Development) located at 0 Plano Road, presently owned by Magnolia Hills, LLC
Ordinance No. BG2018-31 8/7/2018 Ordinance rezoning tracts of land containing 1.64 acres from R-E (Residential Estate) and PUD (Planned Unit Development) to HB (Highway Business) located on a portion of 0 Frist Boulevard and 570 Lovers Lane, presently owned by Greenhills Development Part
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